De LaurierBoom Where we all start

Cafe ‘De Laurierboom’ is an authentic neighborhood pub for the last 150 years, in the heart of the Jordaan. As one of the last real ‘brown’ cafes it has a cozy ambience and you can find a delightful mix of visitors. Neighborhood residents, young creatives and tourists, but also the gaming enthusiasts that the cafe is well known for.

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Games A historic game place

Since chess café Gambit closed its doors in 2005, Cafe ‘De Laurierboom’ has become more than ever a home for the chess community. You can find chess enthusiasts from early afternoon to late at night playing their game. It is also possible to play international games online at one of the two computers.

Very popular is the annual Nico Speijer Springcup competition at cafe in which up to 40 to 60 chess players participate.

Be Creative Working & Event Place

Furthermore, the ‘De Laurierboom’ is a wonderful place to celebrate birthdays or other events. When the sun is out we have a lovely outside terrace, altogether a great place for a good story and a delicious drink. For more information feel free to contact us.